The Beginning

Welcome to Stories From Scarborough!

This is a creative archive project about selected seaside attractions that once existed in Scarborough. The project summary can be found here and the list of attractions to be included are here.

Why Scarborough?

As a child I holidayed in Scarborough every year. I have many happy memories of my time there, and something keeps drawing me back, even as an adult. Scarborough has such a rich and vibrant history; it is an intriguing place, with a long tradition of reinvention. I am particularly interested in how selected attractions are remembered, and how these memories can be explored via art.

scan 5

Above: One of my early visits to Scarborough – the majority of my visits occurred during the later 1980s and early 1990s.

Who am I?

I am a Manchester (soon-to-be Scarborough) based artist and researcher.

I use performance art to deconstruct places and their histories. I work with archives, local myths and memories to create fictional stories, which I act out and document, using costumes, props and a camera. Sometimes I create drawings and short films too.

For more about my work and to see previous projects/performances, please visit my website and blog.

What is a creative archive?

This will not be a conventional archive. Although I hope to collect images, memories and objects, these in turn will inspire live performances and artwork. Documentation of this creative work will be stored and catalogued in unusual ways alongside ‘genuine’ artifacts. Old memories will be transformed into new moments and narratives. I will be creating and wearing costumes; visiting former tourist areas and performing colourful reminders of what once was. History isn’t just stored in old documents and dusty boxes – it resides in us, in the landscape and is always changing. The creative archive aims to reflect and explore this.

What next?

This blog will document the project, starting with the preliminary research, followed by the development of creative responses, and, ultimately live performances, an exhibition (and/or events) and the presentation of an archive that can be accessed by anyone; both online and in ‘real life’. Watch this space for regular updates, opportunities to get involved and more about the selected attractions.

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