A Third Hispaniola?

Scarborough was once home to two different Hispaniola boats.

The first took passengers  on pirate themed voyages  to a small island on Scarborough Mere, to dig for gold doubloons.

Above: The Scarborough Mere Hispaniola (source)

The second starred in films such as Treasure Island, and was moored at Scarborough Harbour for a short time in the 1950s as a public exhibit.

Above: The ‘other’ Hispaniola starring in Treasure Island, 1950 (source)

For Stories From Scarborough, I thought it might be interesting to make a third Hispaniola; an idea that looked good on paper…

Above: Preliminary sketch (Copyright: Stories From Scarborough)

I imagined a flying version of the boat becoming stranded in a pile of soil and doubloons.

Above: Preliminary sketch (Copyright: Stories From Scarborough)

But building the model ship was another matter entirely. I was under no illusions that my interpretation would be flimsy and basic – in a way this was the aim. After all, memories are not crystal clear and perfect – they are fragile and sometimes incoherent, and I wanted my model to reflect this.

Above: The ship I built certainly fits the above description – scruffy and flimsy (Copyright: Stories From Scarborough)

Using withies left over from my Marvel’s chairlift sculpture, I constructed a basic structure, held together with masking tape, string, and coloured thread. The ship keeps falling apart and nothing, seemingly, will hold it together. Not even me.


Above: Struggling to fix the Hispaniola (Copyright: Stories From Scarborough)

However, when carefully positioned and balanced, it can look somewhat endearing.

Above: Positioned on top of part of the chairlift sculpture (Copyright: Stories From Scarborough)

Below: Part of an experimental arrangement (Copyright: Stories From Scarborough)

Art doesn’t always turn out as planned – indeed, much of the fun lies in unexpected outcomes. Sometimes ideas don’t work, no matter how much you try to fix them up.

So what does the future hold for the ‘third’ Hispaniola?

As the boat continues to deteriorate, I wonder whether I ought to continue fixing it up, or instead pursue my other, much more obvious idea – to dress up as a pirate.

This is the third post about artistic responses to former Scarborough attractions. See the others by clicking the links below:

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There are also more examples on the Facebook Page, my blog, and my artist website.


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