Ethics and Issues: A Disclaimer of Sorts

Stories From Scarborough is an arts and research project funded and run by artist Sarah Coggrave. It is designed to provide a colourful and interesting interpretation of former seaside attractions in Scarborough. A mixture of fact, fiction and art.

The project is, at present, a personal endeavour – it is not officially affiliated with any particular organisations. However, in the interests of generating a responsible and accountable arts-based research project, the following general guidelines have been compiled.

1) Copyright

The Internet makes copyright a complex issue. It is generally an unspoken rule that images in the public domain are…well…public – unless copyright protection is explicitly expressed. Stories From Scarborough always endeavours to credit images appropriately, and any images that are evidently copyright protected are linked to (rather than included on the site directly). However, it is often difficult to credit sources when images have already been copied (without credit) from elsewhere.

If you come across an image or copyright issue that causes you concern, please do email Sarah directly. Offending images and material can easily be removed – please be assured that any unauthorised usage is not intended. It can be difficult to anticipate all potential copyright issues on the Internet, even with the best intentions.

Stories From Scarborough also has its own collection of images and memories, including Sarah’s own, and those donated by readers. Please do not reproduce these or anything on the project Flickr page elsewhere without permission.

You CAN, however, post links to this website, and to images on Flickr as long as the following credit is used:

Copyright All rights reserved by Stories From Scarborough OR Copyright: Stories From Scarborough

Stories From Scarborough pledges to protect the rights of those who kindly donate images, memories and other materials, which involves ensuring that said materials are not used inappropriately or without proper permission. If you want to use/re-post any of the project images/sources directly, please get in touch, and the relevant contributor(s) will be consulted.

2) Sensitive material

The attractions that are being investigated as part of Stories From Scarborough have prompted a number of memories, and whilst the majority are positive, this is not universally so. Death, crime, misdemeanor and tragedy occasionally crop up, alongside potentially controversial issues such as animal rights. Stories From Scarborough pledges to acknowledge these issues as openly but also as sensitively as possible.

If you are offended by any of the content on this site, please do get in touch to discuss the matter further. Individual issues will be treated on a case by case basis, and must be weighed against the site’s aim to provide a balanced account of the attractions.

3) Contributions/Contributors

Stories From Scarborough has received contributions and information from a number of individuals and organisations (this will continue throughout the project) and in all cases permission is sought prior to inclusion of material on the website (and by default, the archive). Anyone who contributes material can request its withdrawal or editing at any point, should any concerns arise. As in all cases, email Sarah if this issue affects you.

All contributions are protected by the project, and Stories From Scarborough pledges to ensure that they are used appropriately and with the proper permission (see Section 3: Copyright – above).

4) Other issues

Stories From Scarborough aims to create an interesting and varied archive about listed former attractions. Whilst it aims to be as comprehensive and representative as possible, it is inevitable that there will be biases. The best way to minimise this is to contribute! All information, stories and memories are welcome.

If you feel that something has been wrongly represented, underrepresented or completely missed, then get in touch!

5) Artwork

All art work and associated images are clearly identified, and copyright belongs to the artist. Please do not reproduce or use without permission and appropriate credit being given (i.e. Copyright: Stories From Scarborough, or Copyright: Sarah Coggrave; please also include a link to this website). All art reflects the artist’s own opinion and mixes fact and fiction, alongside personal memories which may not always be specific to Scarborough. The aim is to create art that anyone can enjoy (or simply be puzzled by!), with or without knowledge of the attractions.

This post will be edited where appropriate and regularly updated as the project progresses.

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