Scarborough in Salford?

It may seem bizarre, but the first public showcase of Stories From Scarborough will actually occur in SalfordMediaCityUK to be more precise.

Above: Aerial view of MediaCityUK (source)

Why? You might ask. Why not Scarborough?

In order to explain you need to know a little bit more about me, Sarah, the artist/researcher behind the project.

For the last three years I’ve been studying a BA in Visual Arts at the University of Salford. In just under two weeks’ time, it’ll be the final year degree show. Along with a number of very talented artists from the university, I’ll be showing my work as part of the Create@Salford Festival 2014 at MediaCityUK. For those who don’t know, MediaCityUK is a relatively new development site on Salford Quays, not far from Central Manchester, which has rapidly become a hub for all things media and technology-related. The BBC are based there, as well as The Lowry, the IWM North, the university and a whole host of other companies and organisations.

Above: MediaCityUK – a world away from Scarborough (source)

The site presents an interesting opportunity for artists. On one hand some of the buildings and spaces really do emulate a cold, corporate atmosphere, but on the other this can help particular types of artwork stand out. Much of the work made by fellow students and myself is warm, human, handmade, humorous, emotional – an ideal antidote to this futuristic business and technology hub.

I don’t want to say too much about what I’m showing at the festival – only that live performance will be involved! And everything I show will in some way be inspired by Scarborough. I’ll be documenting what happens here at Stories From Scarborough, and on my art blog.

If you live in or near Manchester, or fancy a visit, I’d definitely recommend checking out the Create@Salford Festival, which showcases all kinds of work, from comedy to dance; graphics to film-making. It opens on June 12th (as does the degree show) and ends on June 14th.

You can check out the festival on the following links:

Official Website



And the Visual Arts Degree Show (the most important part of the festival!) can be found here:





Only one week after the festival, I will hopefully (fingers crossed – waiting for my flat application to be processed) be moving straight to Scarborough to bring the project ‘home’.

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