Atlantis – A Short Film

The following film was kindly shared with Stories From Scarborough by Leonie, who holidayed in Scarborough during the 1980s and 1990s. It was shot in 1995; the year in which Water Splash World became Atlantis.

You can view the video in it’s original location here.

You can also read more about Atlantis and its history by checking out the following links:

The Blue Waters of Atlantis (brief history and introduction)

Swimming in Scarborough: Battle of the Bathing Pools (early history of the pool)

Before The North Bay Bathing Pool: The Northstead Estate (before the pool was built)

The North Bay Pool: For Boating or Bathing? (when boats sailed on the pool)

The pool closed in 2007 and is now the Military Adventure Park.

A huge thank you to Leonie for sharing her memories!

Anyone is very welcome to share memories with Stories From Scarborough, and even once you’ve donated material, you are free to retract it at any time. Please do get in touch if interested.

6 thoughts on “Atlantis – A Short Film

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