Inside The Millennium Experience

Until recently, Stories From Scarborough was struggling to find information about the Millennium Museum, which operated opposite Scarborough Harbour between 1993 and 2001. You can read more about it on the links below:

The Mysterious Millennium Museum (brief history and introduction)

A Viking House in the Millennium Museum: Fact or Fiction? (Viking references in the museum)

Now, thanks to Leonie (who also shared this video of Atlantis), a much more complete picture of the attraction can be compiled. She has kindly uploaded a series of photographs and promotional material onto the brand new Stories From Scarborough Flickr Page.

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Anyway, back to the Millennium Experience.

During its heyday in the 1990s, Millennium won several awards and was much praised by visitors. The promotional material depicts a thrilling attraction for all the family:

Above: Millennium Advert in a visitor guide from 1995 (source)

The museum marketed itself as a ‘time travel experience’ and was ambitious in its goal to represent all the many historical faces of Scarborough – some, such as the town’s supposed Viking origins, based more on speculation and popular myth than proven fact.

Above: More about Millennium from the 1995 guide (source)

On the top left you can just about see where Millennium was once located. Amusements now occupy the building that stands opposite Scarborough Harbour. On the bottom right you can see some of the many waxwork figures, designed to illustrate Scarborough’s former occupants, from famous monarchs to the everyday people who occupied the town during its days as a humble fishing village.

Above: A medieval banquet – reference perhaps to the town’s famous castle? (source)

Below: A creepy fortune teller? (source)

Prior to the popularisation of British seaside holiday during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, coastal economies primarily rested upon the fishing industry.

Above: A waxwork fish merchant (source)

Below: Another model, hard at work (source)

The Millennium Experience was no ordinary museum – seeking to emulate York’s successful Jorvik Centre, the attraction prioritised reconstructed scenes over relics in glass cases. It boldly sought to bring the history of Scarborough into one small building, mixing fact with supposition, and providing an engaging and imaginative experience of times gone by.

Above: A flyer including the Millennium ticket design (source)

Sadly, in spite of receiving praise from visitors, Millennium was short-lived; another victim of the town-wide cull of children’s attractions that occurred during the early to mid 2000s. Other victims of falling visitor numbers and struggling finances included Marvel’s, Kinderland and Atlantis.

The above images are just a small selection of materials from Leonie’s collection – more to come in subsequent posts.

All that remains is to say a huge thank you to Leonie, and indeed all those who have contributed memories so far. Without public contributions attractions such as the Millennium Experience risk slowly fading into obscurity. If you are reading this and remember a photograph, souvenir or even a memory that you may have stored away somewhere, please get in touch.

All submissions are treated with the utmost care – anything you submit can be removed at any time, and you retain full ownership of the material.

7 thoughts on “Inside The Millennium Experience

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  6. It might interest you to know that the fortune teller was my mum! My brother and his friends were part of the cannon crew, firing out of the church window in another exhibit. The artist who created the figures was based in our home town (Goole) and my brother and friends had face and body casts made by her for the millennium museum. My mum went along to see them and ended up being cast as the gypsy fortune teller!

    • Wow really? Please let me know if you remember anything else – it would be great to do more posts on this attraction in the future. As you can see from the lateness of my reply I’m currently a bit behind in terms of maintaining this site, but hope to add to it in the future if I get chance.

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