The World Of Holograms – A Video

Stories From Scarborough has so far been privileged to receive a number of memories and pictures from readers.

Leonie has contributed a wonderful selection of photographs and videos to the project so far. The former can be seen on the project Flickr account and in the following posts:

Inside The Millennium Experience

Marvellous Images (Of Marvel’s)

Sailing Adventures On Scarborough Mere

Pictures Of Water Splash World And Atlantis

She has also donated this video of Atlantis, and, more recently, the following film of the World Of Holograms.

It is amazing that this attraction has been documented like this. Now even those who never visited, can get an impression of what it was like to walk through the gallery of strange illusions and images, located above what was formerly Corrigan’s Amusements (now Coney Island) on Scarborough Foreshore.

Many thanks to Leonie for sharing this.

Anyone is welcome to donate images, videos, written memories etc – you can choose to be credited by name or anonymously, and material can be removed at your request at any point.

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