An Update And An Appeal

A message from Sarah – the artist/author behind Stories From Scarborough

As some of you might know, earlier last year I moved to Scarborough to develop Stories From Scarborough – this project was part of a residency at Crescent Arts (also in Scarborough) which has now, sadly come to an end.

However, this does not mean that Stories From Scarborough has come to an end.

I still have some bits and pieces of research to sort through, and I’ve recently been contacted by new readers, with new information and pictures. There is also much more I’d like to accomplish with the archive in the months (and years?) to come. Nonetheless, given that I now live over 100 miles from Scarborough (as of January 2015), it is much more difficult for me to access local history resources.

Now I’m relying more on you, the readers, to help me out if you can. Take a look at the website, the image archive, check out the stories and pictures – do they bring up any memories? No memory is too vague, too mundane or irrelevant. Every little piece of information helps. Likewise with photographs – any pictures, news clippings or souvenirs might help.  A massive thank you to all the people who have so far contributed photographs, stories, information and comments – Stories From Scarborough would not be possible without all those who have generously supported it.

One attraction I need more information on is the Tree Walk Wonderland, so any leads on that would be hugely appreciated.

Finally, what can you expect from Stories From Scarborough? Updates will be less frequent than they were in 2014, and there will be no posts or email responses from me during February/March as I’ll have little or no internet access during those months due to another project taking place.

However, I will be posting new stories and pictures as they are sent to me (so please do send things, even in February/March – just don’t worry if I don’t respond straight away) and hope to visit Scarborough again later in the year to do some more research if I can. I also want to reorganise the site a bit, make it easier to navigate and more up-to-date.

Finally, for those on Facebook, please check out these two sites :

Past Parks

Scarborough Ghost Signs

I’m always keen to hear from other people researching Scarborough (or other history relevant to the attractions on the site) – so please do get in touch if you run a local history page or project and would like to share links, information or pictures.

Finally, sharing Stories From Scarborough is the best way you can help – the more visitors the site receives, the more likely it is that new information and pictures will be revealed.

Thank You!