The World Of Holograms: A Proper Introduction

The World Of Holograms arrived in Scarborough in 1985 – the same year in which Kinderland opened. Only one year earlier Scarborough Zoo had been rebranded as Marvel’s, and the North Bay Bathing Pool had been transformed into Waterscene. This was an exciting time to holiday in the seaside town, as new and existing attractions competed for visitors.

*All quotes and images in this post were kindly donated by Carl Racey*

[The World of Holograms] was conceived and run by Carl & Julia Racey from Hull ( Laser Light Image, Hull). Carl & Julia ran this exhibision from 1985 to 1991 when it was sold (in part) to Jim Corrigan, who ran it with his staff for about four more years. It was then sold on to a company in Keswick who exhibited at Lake Windermere.

Located on Foreshore Road, in the same building as Corrigan’s Amusements (now Coney Island Amusements), the World of Holograms boasted an impressive collection of intriguing optical illusions, and, as will soon be revealed, some very unusual live performances.

Above: Original poster for the attraction

Below: The opening year, in 1985

In Carl’s words:

The corner of Corrigan’s Arcade and the entrance to the Hologram Show. This was the first year 1985. The following year the entrance was made bigger, as the exhibition proved very popular, attracting around 50,000 visitors each year.

It is impossible to talk about the World of Holograms, however, without mentioning two of the attraction’s most vibrant and engaging live performers.

Above: Nick and Robert

Nick Hardy and Robert Horwell played various roles, set to quite loud music which could be right heard across the beach. Soon attracted the crowds.

Below: Some of the crowds gathering on Foreshore Road to see Nick and Rob perform

Indeed, these wacky performances were incredibly popular:

This turned out to be a traffic stopping event performed every hour in the summer season, until the police asked it to be stopped due to traffic problems below. Two separate rubber necking incidents with cars crashing brought this about but did last for most of July and August 1985.

Below: Mad professor and his robot (aka Nick and Rob) performing

Above: The two performers at the Amazing World Of Holograms (July 1985)

Teaming up live action with light displays was a clever idea, and no doubt both Mad Professor and Robot did much to bring visitors into the attraction, which spent a number of years entertaining crowds in Scarborough.

A huge thank you to Carl, who kindly shared all the images and information (see them in their original context on the Stories From Scarborough Facebook Page) – he and Julia Racey launched and ran attraction, so we have them to thank for this part of Scarborough’s attraction history!

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