Stories From Scarborough was a creative archive project (2014 – 2018), designed by artist and researcher Sarah Coggrave.

As a child I spent many happy summers in Scarborough – I remember grazing my knees in Kinderland, digging for doubloons at the Mere, riding the chairlifts to Marvel’s and gazing at the bright blue waters of Atlantis. Many of these attractions have now vanished, leaving few traces of their existence behind.

I know that I’m not alone in fondly recalling these places. There are mentions and sporadic images scattered across the Internet, and various local organisations retain artifacts and information. I’m interested in gathering some of these memories together, and re-interpreting them in creative ways – as art work, as performances, and hopefully as an unconventional and celebratory archive.

The aims of this project were:

1) To create a collection of memories, images and artefacts relating to selected Scarborough attractions which either no longer exist or have been changed into new attractions.

See Places to find out which attractions have been selected.

2) To create a series of artworks and live performances inspired by the above material.

3) To create an exhibition and/or series of events to showcase 1) and 2)

4) To record all of the above in a website, blog or both.

5) To make all materials accessible to the public

This is an interactive project – click here to find out how to get involved, and please ‘Like’ the Facebook Page.

Please be aware that this project is no longer active – this website is a record of the research that took place.

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